Monday, April 30, 2012

What the Android fans want in their devices

Many of you out there haven’t got the chance to taste Google’s Ice Cream Sandwich yet, the latest version of Android operating system for both, tablets and smartphones. However, for us who have tried it, we can still dream and speculate and even suggest features for the next release of the proved to be a successful mobile operating system and the devices that operate on it.

Everyone wants to try out the new stuff first, but with the current upgrade path it’s kind of exhausting that you need to wait 12 months to get it for your device. Sure it’s difficult to adapt the latest features in the new version of OS with older ones, but speeding the task will improve the manufacturers’ market share and will satisfy the users.
A voice activated assistant like the one in the iPhone 4S, Siri, or the ones already in the market, will be a definite killer in Android, since iOS earned its success due to the integrated app. What we, the fans, want to see in the next system update is an app much better than the ones that are already on the market; integrating a full featured app will please the fans, since, if it’s released, it will be integrated with every service provided by Google, which everyone surely uses now.
Since Android devices are often criticized for being unsecure, improving the security should be a top priority; although the last update added new security options, it still feels that something is missing, a master password to lock the device. The master password will block unauthorized access to the download or recovery mode on the device in case it got stolen, since the device cannot be accessed with a lock code. In case the SIM card is changed, flashing a new firmware to the device will bypass that unless there is a master lock key to prevent that.
Speed and light, everyone is looking for that. When it comes to Android, no one can deny that, but the reason behind it is simply dual-core and quad-core devices that the system operates on. They cost a lot and not everyone can afford them, so they have to get mid or sometimes low-end devices. Google should consider this and try to work on a light version based on the computing speed of those devices
As for battery efficiency, Apple has done a good job or even a greater one with their energy efficiency plan for the iPhone more than Google has. Google needs to consider this, as not all Android powered devices can last long with their dual core and quad-core power-draining processors. Indeed, the battery life has improved over the latest updates but it can get better and faster this time. Google should pack the next OS with a better management app in the user interface alongside an effective energy plan.
In general, the Android OS is all about customization. This is what makes it a great OS, but to use a third party app for anything we want to add to the device is not a good idea at all. Every app that we use on the device is going to drain more power, keyboards, launchers, music players and the list goes long. Simply, what the Android community out there wants is an OS that works for them, secure, fast and light.
Published in Morocco World NewsRabat, April 29, 2012